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​Historically, our industry has not relied on training to any great level; with the exception of selected apprenticeships, it is fair to say that the training available to our industry has been minimal.
The benefits of training are multiple, but in the sign and print industry it is just not something we have traditionally invested in. This is typically because ‘we know what we know’ and it has worked perfectly fine so far; however, training improves workforce confidence and competency, which in turn provides your customers with a better service and increased profitability.
The opportunities that training can offer are not limited to materials and products, there is benefit to sharing ideas in a group and talking through experiences.
Demonstrating that you invest in training will help you gain the reputation for being up to date with the latest materials, products and techniques. This will also show your workforce your commitment in their personal and professional development.
“As part of our long-term growth strategy, we made a conscious decision to invest in our team. Having a wealth of experience within the organisation doesn’t mean that we know everything, nor does it mean that it is easy to translate that knowledge into easy-to-understand training. Dedicated training for our industry is few and far between, but luckily it has Sam and the MIH team. The training offered is engaging, insightful and targeted. We now routinely send new recruits to MIH as part of our induction process, which has improved the speed at which our recruits develop.”
Matt Mills, Managing Director X Sign
“We should never stop learning if we want to offer exceptional service to our customers. I can say with confidence attending these courses has made my company money through empowering myself and our team.”
​Helen Johnson, Marketing & Sales Manager IS Group